Who Can Participate in a Clinical Trial?

There is a Clinical Trial for everyone

All clinical research studies have guidelines about who can participate. Before joining a clinical trial, a volunteer must qualify for the study.  The qualifying criteria is based on factors like age, gender, the type and stage of a disease, treatment history, and other medical conditions. To determine eligibility, a study doctor or research nurse will review your medical history, diagnosis, pathology results, imaging results (X-ray, CT, PET scans) and current and past medication records. In addition, you may be required to take tests to assure you have adequate heart, lung, liver and kidney function.

Some research studies seek patients with illnesses or conditions being studied who then benefit from receiving otherwise unavailable treatments.  They may be patients with newly diagnosed medical problems, have had problems over a period of time, or they may have a family history of a certain disease.

Other research studies need healthy volunteers with no previous health conditions. This provides important medical information to researchers by helping them compare how healthy people differ medically from those who have a specific disease.

The choice to participate in a clinical trial is very personal and entirely voluntary.  If you find a trial you might qualify for contact the research staff to get as much information about the trial and meet with your doctor to talk about the benefits verses the risks.  Consult with family, friends and possibly other people who have participated in clinical trials to help you in making your decision.

To find a clinical trial, visit: www.clinicalstudy.org

Courtesy of Patient Recruiters International

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